Serving Pennsylvania for over 20 years

Philadelphia - Roxborough - Manayunk - Andorra - Norristown

Our goal is to provide you with the most
cost effective solution that meets your individual technology needs.

With over twenty years of experience, the team at Opticon Global is
not only the most skilled at what they do, but also they will not rest until you are satisfied.

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Exceeding the competition
in networking

Our expert consultants do not work with one platform alone. If you have Mac, Windows or Linux computers, we will make them communicate, thus removing the headaches. Moreover, they strive to bridge all systems so that you can begin to work more efficiently.

Advanced cryptography and
data encryption

Using state-of-the-art technology, Opticon Global uses NSA grade file encryption for all internet traffic, as well as local files stored on your computer. This approach has not been adopted by any other IT consulting institution, and sets us apart from the rest.

Welcome to the cloud

Not only can we provide the tools and training to get your data into the cloud, but we are very interested in every clients’ unique situation. As such, we have a variety of cloud solutions just waiting for you.

The tenets of opticon global

  • Contact

    Our staff is available 24/7 to answer all of your questions. At Opticon Global, we understand that downtime costs money and inhibits productivity.

  • Knowledge

    Our team of experts work on a variety of unique projects everyday. However, having a command of programming languages, as well as new computer technologies makes the team invaluable.

  • Making IT Simple

    Let’s face it, not everyone holds a degree in computer science. We find it necessary to bridge the language gap and construct sentences that are easily understood by the layperson. We make the process simple so you can relax and watch the results.

  • Listening

    Understanding the needs of the client begins with a clear understanding of what is being asked. The only way that this is possible is by carefully listening to the concerns of the individual.

  • Empathy

    Without a heart, you will never have a vested interest in your client, and you certainly will not treat them as you would family. It has been one of our core tenets to relate to the individual as if they were your family..

  • Cultural Diversity

    Our team of software engineers is composed of a vast amount of unique individuals, from all walks of life. Everyone has their story, and at Opticon Global, we promote a team rich in culture, many of whom are multilingual.

Please contact us for a consultation

All consultations must be booked one month in advance. However, if the situation is extremely time-sensitive, we are willing to work with you to resolve your escalated problem.