About Opticon Global

Welcome to the future of information technology

Mission Statement

As do most companies, we began as a small garage-based group of friends, working on projects in our spare time. It took more time than we wish to recall when we realized that there were individuals receiving substandard service from brick and mortar giants. Thus, the idea came to life. We moved out of the garage and into the field. One, if not our greatest ethos is that no job is too small and no job is too big. With that promise, we vowed to always charge less for superior work. In the end, you will see that Opticon Global wants only one thing from you- a chance to earn your trust.

Now that you know that we do not exist to empty your wallets, give us a call and schedule an appointment. If we do not surpass the experience of your present Information Technology consultants, if we do not deliver results, we will refund your money entirely. This is how confident we are that we can and will outshine any competitor.

Moving Forward

Technology is constantly evolving. It is considered the most dynamic field for good reason. You hear it on the radio. You see it on television. Some new piece of technology is constantly being invented. There are new ways to communicate with distant loved ones. Your job should not be to master every new gadget and social network that you are faced with, moreover, it should be to allow us to empower you with the knowledge you need to do it alone.